Sunday, March 05, 2006

Arkley and kin big donors

James Faulk The Times-Standard
Eureka Times Standard

EUREKA -- As Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gears up for his re-election bid by hosting a dinner for donors of $100,000 or more, it's clear that only one local family comes close to qualifying for such an event.

As listed by the California Secretary of State's website, Rob and Cherie Arkley together gave $702,001 -- through Race Investments, LLC -- to various candidates and causes between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2005.

They both also filed late contribution reports -- as allowed by law -- that added another $44,600 each onto that total.

The Arkley daughters -- Elizabeth and Allison -- also filed late contribution reports for $44,600 each, the maximum allowed by law. Allison Arkley is a student at New York University and Elizabeth Arkley is apparently still in high school.

The three eldest Arkleys were also listed as donors at the federal level through the Center for Responsive Politics. In the 2006 election cycle, all the Arkleys gave a total of $107,600, according to the website.

They each gave $25,000 to the Republican National Committee, among various other donations.

A search of surrounding ZIP codes shows no one else that comes even close to these amounts at the Center for Responsive Politics' database.

Paul Nicklas gave $2,500 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, and Mary Matthews gave $1,500 to the same. They are both of Eureka.

Security National Senior Vice President Brian Morrissey said the Arkleys believe it's important to give to causes one supports.

”They give a lot of money to many different causes, politics being one of them,” he said. “They believe that participating in the community, including political giving, is important.”

Morrissey said the individual members of the family decide for themselves where to give political donations.

”Like any family, I think the Arkleys talk about issues at the dinner table, but each member makes their own choices,” he said.

It's great to see our young people getting involved in public service.

If you want government to work for you, just buy it.
I heard that his daughters weren't even registered to vote (and they're donating $44.6k of their OWN money?). Has anybody looked into this? It'd just be a quick trip to the county elections office.
The younger daughter Liz was NOT registered to vote in California. The older daughter may be registered in NY where she is going to college?
Why the Time Standard did not bother to check that out, or at least to report on it, is hard to understand?
Excuse me. She was indeed registered to vote...and by the way. LIZ? You obviously don't know the Arkleys.

Can you talk about something you know about?

On second thought that might be hard for you...
Hello anonymous#4. Here is something that I know about. Robin Arkley is among the worst things that have every happened to Humboldt County. Far worse than the flood of '64, and just as bad as the Hurwitz takeover of Pacific Lumber.

The guy is powerful enough and willing to use it against folks in his way so that I cannot justify letting my real name be known in this blog.
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