Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hypocrisy abounds here

by Shilpa Mehta, 3/15/2006
The Eureka Reporter

Change can be scary. Growth and vision require an open mind, a willingness to consider all points of view and an ability to see the best interests of more than one’s own myopic interest.

The local anti-Arkley bandwagon and their herd of followers who “parrot petty and juvenile attacks” on anything associated with the Arkleys or Security National should look at their own behavior. If this comment sounds judgmental and harsh, it is and I don’t apologize. I am tired of the hypocrisy shown by the Times-Standard and the “so-called locals” who don’t know how to engage in a respectful discussion. I am sure they will “engage in a personal attack” against this opinion, because it isn’t in accordance with their views and agenda, and anyone who disagrees with them is either a fool or “bought by the Arkleys.”

I have never met the Arkleys so I have no opinion of them. What I do know is the behavior and tactics of these irrational and irresponsible people are affecting the livelihood and economic growth in Humboldt County.

If the Times-Standard’s circulation is in peril, maybe it is because they have used their monopoly of the region to be lackadaisical about their job performance. And their obvious, biased coverage is driving away scores of subscribers who now have a better paper to read.

People are against the Arkelys donating money to certain political figures. Well, it’s their money and their choice. At least they are open about it. I don’t agree with all of the Arkelys’ choices but I choose to exercise my right to vote and use my hard-earned money to support candidates I want.

The radical, progressive left supports who they want, and they get their money from outside sources that are not in Humboldt County. And they get legal representation (pro bono) from attorneys who don’t live in Humboldt County.

The so-called “bastions” of protecting the community ask people who support the Marina Center to leave their meeting while Security National holds open houses where anyone is welcome. Contrary to the claims made, there are many low-income and working-class families that see through the tactics of the envious, petty radical progressive left. They are just too busy working two jobs to make a living to write a letter to the editor.

There are many Eurekans who are grateful that the Arkelys have donated money to the high school gym, the zoo, and brought professional and world-class performing arts centers that add to the pride of Eureka. They see the development of the Marina Center as an opportunity to have more choices of jobs that will allow them to earn a decent wage and maybe afford a home and continue to stay in their hometown.

How many jobs have the anti-business element created and what have they done to alleviate the conditions of the low-income and working poor in Eureka? Also I find it interesting that the same people who “sit in trees and bad-mouth the Arkleys” have no problem using the free bathroom facilities and getting warm on a freezing, rainy day at the local Starbucks, a big box enterprise!
All businesses and all development is not detrimental to small-town living or the environment. But one can only see that perspective when you see a vital Eureka with more jobs where less people are dependent on the system and more people empowered to speak their mind because they are not struggling with daily survival.

(Shilpa Mehta is a Eureka resident.)

The Arkleys as the answer to our societies social ills. That's rich!
By the way that shooting gallery they call a boardwalk cost the city of Eureka 5.2 million dollars. I think we would all be a lot better off if the Arkleys would quit "giving" to the city of Eureka.
Shilpa writes: "People are against the Arkelys donating money to certain political figures. Well, it’s their money and their choice. At least they are open about it."
Open about it? Is that what you call the EUREKA COLLATION FOR JOBS that ran the attack ads against Chris Kerrigan. I wouldn't call hiding behind your Sacramento attorney (yes Wayne Ordos is one of Arkely's attorneys) being open - oh yea, and so much for your " petty juvenile attacks".
What you are confusing is the fact that there are some donations they can not hide with the accepted truth that there are many, many donations they do hide. Rob is a snake in the grass.
Right, the people who live in trees use Arkley's Starbucks. GIve me a break!
"I have never met the Arkleys so I have no opinion of them."

So, Shilpa Mehta has "no opinion" of the people he/she so persistently and aggressively supports? What a liar.
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