Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arkleys' $38,500 penalty approved by Fair Political Practices Commission

by Rebecca S. Bender, 9/13/2006
The Eureka Reporter

The Fair Political Practices Commission approved a $38,500 administrative fine for local business owners Rob and Cherie Arkley and two of their companies, Race Investments and Security National Servicing Corporation, Tuesday morning.

The penalties stem from 11 violations of the Political Reform Act related to campaign contribution disclosures in 2002, 2004 and 2005, years in which the four parties made political contributions that totaled $50,000 or more.

Under the Political Reform Act, donations of $10,000 or more in any given year bump the contributor into a “major donor” category, which requires semi-annual statements be filed with the secretary of state.

In the $50,000 or more accumulated contribution range, a corresponding online or electronic statement must also be filed.

The FPPC report on the case lists 11 violation counts, including failures to disclose late contributions and to file paper and online or electronic semi-annual campaign statements by the appropriate due dates, as well as failure to disclose Security National’s affiliation with the Arkleys.

John Piland, a certified public accountant with Security National, previously told The Eureka Reporter that the problem had been largely organizational in nature, and that a system for tracking and reporting multiple donations had been implemented in response.

“There is no evidence that the failure to timely file the campaign statements was intentional or deliberate,” the FPPC report stated. “In addition, Respondent Committee cooperated fully with the Enforcement Division’s investigation in this matter.”

The maximum administrative penalty for the 11 counts was $55,000.

The five-member commission board approved the stipulation Tuesday morning without debate.

A cashier’s check for $38,500 had already been submitted before the hearing and was acknowledged in the FPPC report.

(Rob and Cherie Arkley own Security National, which owns The Eureka Reporter.)

Mr. Arkley has paid his debt to society and I am certain he has learned his lession and will be an upstanding citizen and an asset to our community.
Did you mean to say he is a lesion on our community?
We will NOT be intimidated!
You would be intimidated if you were in the room when the man himself soils his drawers and everyone pretends he didn't.
Holy Cow ! What a bunch of losers! The Arkely's ponied up and paid their fine without sniveling.

The Arkley's are an asset to the community. Just because many lefties don't like his conservative poitics or others are just pissed because he has more money than them SN Bank and the Arkleys do alot for the community. The evidence is abundant. So snivel, bitch, whine, and make up unpleasant or unfavorable stories but it just makes you a tad bit more pathetic.

Wasn't Paul Gallegos also fined for some FFPC violations? Gee whiz guys, no mention of that?
Charles Douglas and Nick Bravo maitain this blog.
The Arkleys are corrupt, right-wing fascists.
screw the arkleys!
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